Content Planning & Creation

Graphic that says "content creation"
Words are powerful. Let me use them to make an impact for your brand.   


  • Build brand awareness and thought leadership with riveting storytelling, long-form content, white papers and e-books.
  • Leverage SEO content to increase your brand’s organic visibility.
  • Convert potential customers into paying customers and retain them with well-crafted copy, case studies, guides, FAQ resources, and reports.
Prices start at US$275 for a 750-word blog post

Some of the niches I cover:

Graphic that says "climate tech"
Graphic that says "clean tech"
Graphic that says "sustainable finance"
Graphic that says "clean transportation"
Graphic that says "SDGs"
Graphic that says "efficient use of resources"
Graphic that says "circular economy"
Graphic that says "conscious consumerism"
Graphic that says "eco and ethical fashion"
Graphic that says "sustainable beauty"

Content Strategy

Graphic that says "content planning and strategy"
Success doesn’t happen by chance, neither does great content. It takes some strategic planning.

Here are some of the components I include in my strategies:

  • A content strategy roadmap comprising content marketing goals, gap analysis, competitor analysis and audience analysis
  • Keyword research and search intent analysis
  • Content ideation and mapping
  • Topic cluster creation
  • Content auditing and refreshing
  • Editorial calendar and content briefs
  • Creation of brand messaging and brand messaging frameworks
  • Content performance measurement
Investment starts at US$2,000
Don’t see the service you want but think I would be a great fit for your brand?
Get in touch and let me know about your content needs.

Pricing overview

We all want to know how much we’re spending beforehand, but when it comes to content writing, things aren’t so clear-cut.

I charge on a per-project basis, simply because each project is unique. The final quote comes down to project scope and complexity.

Payment options

I prefer bank transfers directly into my Wise account, but you can also pay me via debit/credit card.

I normally invoice in GBP, USD, and EUR, but I have some flexibility. Let me know if you would like your invoices in another currency not listed here.

Get in touch for a quote that’s tailored to your project needs.

Work Process Overview

Contact and Discovery

I’ll send a brief intake form to determine if we’re a good fit. The form will ask about your goals, job scope, audience, brand messaging, project timeframe, budget, and any other information you want to share. 

If we are a good fit and you’re interested in working with me, I’ll send over a contract that stipulates my Ts&Cs. Depending on the value of the project, I may also send payment details for a 50% deposit.

Once the contract is signed, I’ll deliver an outline. This is to ensure that I’ve fully understood your needs and we are on the same page before I start working. 


I’ll start working on your project based on what we agree on in step 1.

We’ll be working together every step of the way. 


This is the last step of the process.

I’ll deliver the finished work for your review. My fees include up to two rounds of revisions for writing to ensure that the work is up to par.

At this point, my full or outstanding payment is due.